How Somali pirates hijacked such large Bangladeshi ships.

Another threat to cargo ships plying international waterways is the coast of Somalia. At various times, many ships plying this route fell into the hands of pirates. But how do pirates rob huge ships by boat? is also a big question.

Somalian Pirate rob a ship


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How do pirates rob huge ships by boat?

It is known that in 1995, a few groups of local fishermen saw a ship floating. They immediately surrounded the ship. The sailors were startled by the fishermen’s pale-eyed and dry-jawed faces. Later they saved their lives in exchange of valuable money. That small incident of that day turned into modern piracy.

A 2009 survey found that nearly 70 percent of Somalia’s coastal communities strongly support piracy to stop foreign vessels from entering the country’s waters. Even some government officials in Somalia are known to be involved in such crimes of pirates.

Analyzing past attacks, pirates usually attack from the back of ships. They quickly climb aboard by holding on to a long rope with a hook attached to one end, which is attached to a hook attached to the stern of the ship.

They do these things so quickly that they take control of the situation before the ship’s crew realizes anything or raises an alarm. Moreover, pirates operate from a mothership when planning deep-sea attacks.

The pirates extorted ransom from the captives in marquee dollars. Ransom money is sacked and dropped from helicopters or sent in waterproof bags on small boats. This ransom money is also delivered to the pirates through parachutes.

Robbery of Bangladeshi ship

Somali pirates have taken control of a Bangladesh-flagged cargo ship in the Indian Ocean and held its 23 crew members hostage. A European Union (EU) ship has ‘tracked’ that Bangladeshi ship.

The EU’s Maritime Security Force reported the information on Wednesday (March 13). And the American broadcasting media ABC News reported this news in a report on Thursday (March 14) citing the news agency AP.

The British Army first reported the hijacking of the MV Abdullah on Tuesday (March 12). At the time the ship was about 700 miles (1,100 km) from Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia.

An EU ship deployed as part of ‘Operation Atlanta’ was following the cargo ship (MV Abdullah) ‘like a shadow’, ABC News reported, citing an EU force statement.

Somali pirates have taken the 23-man crew hostage, the statement said, adding that the crew is safe. The ship is heading towards the shores of Somalia.

However, till the latest news, the Bangladeshi ship MV Abdullah, which is under the control of pirates, has anchored at Habio port in Somalia, said the director general of the shipping department, Commodore M Maqsood Alam.

He confirmed this information over the telephone on Thursday (March 14) afternoon. M Maqsud Alam said, “It is thought that the pirates will contact Bangladesh very soon.”

It should be noted that Somali pirates took control of the ship on its way to the United Arab Emirates from Maputo port in Mozambique on Tuesday (March 12) around 1:30 PM Bangladesh time.

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